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Bikers Battling Breast Cancer, Inc.

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Monies Raised to Date for
Local Breast Health Programs:


BBBC Mission Statement

Bikers Battling Breast Cancer, Inc. was formed in an effort to rally the support of the generous motorcycle community to raise funds for programs in the local community supporting education, awareness, early detection, and costs associated with critical diagnostic testing.



We are happy to report that Bikers Battling Breast Cancer, Inc. has made the following donations from our 2013 fundraising efforts:

$30,000 to Tanner Medical Foundation for the BBBC Diagnostic Testing Financial Assistance Fund, including assistance with costs of critical testing such as stereotactic breast biopsies, breast ultrasounds, CT and PET scans, MRIs and BRCA genetic testing. A total of $85,000 has been donated to this fund since 2011.

$10,000 to WellStar Foundation earmarked for the Douglas and Paulding County Hospitals, to be used for critical diagnostic testing beyond the basic mammogram. This will include ultrasounds, PET scans, MRIs, CT scans, and breast biopsies.

$5,000 to The Breast Cancer Survivors’ Network, Inc., servicing women under the age of 40 and to include 20 mammograms and educational materials for 200 young women.

$5,000 to The Rapha Clinic of West Georgia, specifically for their upcoming Women’s Health Day, providing cervical and breast exams for low-income women in the West Georgia area.

$16,000 to the Pink Kick-Starter Project, providing at least 250 Pink Kick-Starter organizer kits to Piedmont Fayette and the Cancer Navigators in Rome, and also through individual requests.

All of these donations go toward fulfilling BBBC’s mission statement, which is education, early detection, awareness, and assistance with diagnostic testing.

There are so many people who helped to make this possible and way too many to mention. You know who you are and BBBC appreciates your love and support for all of these years. We are honored to be able to help so many people. It’s the right thing to do.

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